EPN Partner Tools

Promoting eBay is easy with our robust suite of affiliate tools.  These tools give you a variety of different ways to insert affiliate links into your website, blog entries, or social posts to drive traffic to eBay and earn commissions. Whether used individually or together, our affiliate tools can be a key component to your success. We've created a quick start guide for each tool to make it easy to get started, and you can access the tools via the EPN portal

Smart Suite

Our new Smart Suite helps you to earn faster, easier. In just a couple of quick clicks, your site will be ready for maximum earning potential. And it will stay that way, thanks to the intelligent technology that supports continuous optimization including real-time monetized links, intuitive mobile ads and retargeting banners that display listings based on each visitor’s web activity.

Smart Placements icon

Smart Placements

Increase your revenue by accelerating your conversion rate with Smart Placements’ personalized display ads. These customizable and dynamic banners identify your visitors as they enter your site and update the items displayed to match each individual’s browsing history. With the same retargeting signals that eBay uses in other marketing channels, you can rest easy as your online real estate automatically re-optimizes with each and every new page viewer.

Smart Links

Automatically Optimize with Mobile-Enhanced Smart Links

Put your optimization on auto-pilot with a simple line of code. In addition to converting all past, present and future eBay links on your web pages into personalized tracking links, Smart Links also generates highly clickable, beautiful banners from those links that display naturally as your users consume your content on a mobile device. To learn more about how this new feature helps you drive higher mobile revenue, read "How to Capture Today’s Mobile Shoppers with the Newly Mobile-Enhanced Smart Links."

Smart Share Icon

Smart Share

The quickest, simplest way to share links on Facebook and Pinterest, Smart Share works well on both PCs and Macs. It’s an easy-to-use Chrome browser extension.

The easiest way to create affiliate links on your website, blog, or social media post is to use our collection of link building tools. These tools will generate a trackable URL that connects to your EPN account. Use these URLs wherever you plan to promote eBay, and when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, it will ensure that you receive commission.

Bookmarklet Tool

Bookmarklet Tool

The Bookmarklet Tool will allow you to quickly create affiliate links while browsing or shopping the eBay site. Add the Bookmarklet Tool to your preferred browser and when you're on eBay and you see something you'd like to promote, click the Bookmarklet Tool and it will generate a custom affiliate link for you.

Link Generator

The Link Generator is great if you want to create trackable hyperlinks to eBay listings, search results pages or the homepage — and it’s perfect for all types of business models. Best of all, by using this tool to direct visitors to relevant pages, you can significantly increase conversion rates.


Our suite of creative tools are designed to help our partners find or create the perfect visual assets to promote eBay on their site. The Creatives Page includes a library of banner assets in a variety of dimensions that can help you promote eBay, special events, seasonally relevant deals, and more. We'll provide you with the trackable link for each graphic to ensure it's connected to your EPN account.

Creative Generator

Creatives Page

Creatives appeal to a wide audience, so they work best on sites that get a lot of traffic and have a diverse audience. You can choose from a variety of colourful graphic and interactive ads to enhance your site and attract visitors to eBay pages from your webpage.

Item Feeds

If you’re looking for advanced ways to share your affiliate links, take advantage of our API and Item Feeds. Some of these tools require programming knowledge and access to the eBay Developer Program, but others, like the RSS Feed, allow you to pull listings into your site in real-time without any heavy lifting. Our entire Feeds suite is a great fit for high-volume sites, and many partners prefer to use one or more of these solutions to provide a highly customized experience for their audience.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed Generator

To help you optimize your site simply and quickly, the new and improved RSS Generator enables you to filter by occurrence (Daily, Weekly, etc.), commissionable deals (US & CA), listing date, price, and more.

Promotions and Sales Portal

Link to the best promotions, events and deals across eBay. You can search for different types of promotions by program, merchandise category or a themed group. This tool helps partners who want to feature timely content, including Daily Deals and special promotional events.



Our API is an advanced tool for anyone with a strong programming background or access to developers. It allows developers to create a highly customized experience using real-time price and product info for all eBay listings. You'll be able to create a richer shopping experience, feature eBay in a style that fits your website, and build applications to increase eBay purchasing activity. This tool is heavily used by programmers who have advanced audience targeting capabilities.

Product Feeds

Product Feed

If you're a high-volume partner needing more data than our API provides, you can download our Product Feed files containing millions of live eBay product listings. By caching the listings on your own system, you can take advantage of this large amount of data to scale up your applications much more. Combine one or more Product Feeds with API calls for more possibilities. This tool is great for high-volume applications such as deals sites, loyalty programs, shopping comparison platforms, and large portals.