Introducing an Improved Mobile Experience


We are excited to let you know that on Wednesday, September 9, we will begin rolling out an enhanced mobile experience to help you boost conversion rates for your mobile visitors.

With this improved experience, your mobile visitors who click through to an item listing page and already have the eBay app installed will be automatically directed to view the listing in the app.

This experience will launch for partners sending traffic to the Australian program on September 9, with all countries following shortly thereafter. All app traffic will be tracked and compensated for, and detailed mobile app traffic reports will be introduced soon.

Watch this video from global director John Toskey to learn more:

At this time, the new mobile path only applies to view item pages, and visitors who don’t have the app installed will receive the same mobile experience that they have today, with no prompt to download the app.

ePN partners don’t need to do anything to enable this service. If for some reason you’d like to opt out, you can do this by following the instructions below. You can complete this opt out activity now, before we roll this out for the programs in which you participate.

As John mentioned, we strongly recommend that you do not choose to opt out! Our beta testing results have shown improved conversion rates, which will help you earn more money with eBay Partner Network.

To opt out: Add the parameter &ul_noapp=true to the View Item URL, or MPRE, but not the rover link. The sequence in which the parameter is added does not matter; it should just be added and encoded as part of the View Item URL.

For example: A sample View Item URL is:

A sample rover link pointing to this item would look like:

You’ll append the &ul_noapp=true opt-out parameter to the View Item URL, so it will look like this:


The encoded roverized version of this link will look like:

Please let us know of any questions you have in the comments below. We’re excited to help you provide a better mobile user experience!