Announcement Regarding eBay-Branded Gift Cards


We wanted to inform you of changes being rolled out regarding eBay gift cards, and to let you know how these changes may affect your affiliate promotions. Beginning 6 March 2016, eBay will no longer count sales of eBay-branded gift cards within checkout metrics, as they will no longer be counted as revenue-generating items for eBay. What this means for our partners is that you will no longer be able to earn affiliate commissions by driving sales of eBay-branded gift cards after 6 March.

While no other merchant gift cards sold on eBay are affected by this change, you should be aware that gift cards in general can result in little to no affiliate commissions based on eBay’s revenue on these products. Because we want to make sure you are maximizing your affiliate earnings, we also want to remind you that products which earn little to no affiliate commissions include items sold by charities, extended warranties, and occasionally items sold on eBay Stores with seller fee promotions.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for your continued partnership.