Building Dynamic Banners to Scale: How to Edit Smart Placements Keywords on Your Site


To help you better monetize your site with minimal effort, earlier this year we launched the dynamic and customizable Smart Placements solution for our partners. This tool empowers you to earn more with banner ads that match the branding of your site and the behavior of your visitors for higher conversion potential.

Since the global release of Smart Placements, many of our partners have already started to see an increase in earnings with these new, easy-to-use banner ads. As more partners set their sites to continuously optimize with this tool, we’ve begun to receive some questions and requests from partners who would like to do more with Smart Placements. We’re listening, and we’re getting to work.


While we’re building out new features of the tool, such as new sizing and filter options, we’re also aware that many of you prefer to customize your configurations- such as dynamically updating the keywords and categories- without having to be logged into the EPN portal. Good news: You can already do this!


Did You Know?

You can add parameters to the Smart Placements code that you put into the body of your site, which will allow you to dynamically overwrite the keyword(s) associated with that banner.

The parameter for the keyword is “data-keyword” and for the category ID is “data-category-id”. These are independent and can be used on their own or combined.

For example, this is what the code would look like if you were going to use the keyword parameter and add “iphone x” as a keyword:

<ins class="epn-placement" data-config-id="YOURCONFIGID" data-keyword="iphone x" ></ins>

This is what the code would look like if you were going to also use the category parameter:

<ins class="epn-placement" data-config-id="YOURCONFIGID" data-keyword="iphone x" data-category-id="9355 | 11450"></ins>

UK iPhone X.PNG

You can select one or many category IDs*, separated by a “ | “. This also allows you to be more specific with the categories you select, as the interface only allows the meta category to be selected; this parameter allows any category ID to be picked.

*What exactly is a Category ID, and how do you find them?

A Category ID is the numeric ID for an eBay category. For example, the ID for the category “Art, Art Prints” in the US is 360, and the ID for the category “Cell Phones & Smartphones” is 9355.

When it comes to finding a Category ID, the easiest way is to browse to the category and copy the ID from the URL. For example, if you want to edit your banner to display hot holiday toys, you could refer to the URL ( and see that the Category ID is 19068. 

UK Feisty Pets.PNG

Another reliable way is to navigate to the Link Generator, create a Search Results link, select your desired eBay country site, click Find Category ID, and select the category you want. The Category ID displays in the Category ID field.

UK Link Generator Category.PNG

Be Aware: Category IDs vary by country.  For instance, “Antiques” in the US is 20081, but in France, it's “Art, Antiquités” and the Category ID is 353. If you end up using the wrong Category ID, you most likely won’t get the kind of results you want in the Smart Placements banner.

While it’s not frequent, Category IDs can change over time as consumer products diversify or we reorganize categories to better suit customer searches and needs. You can keep up with eBay category IDs here:

Something to keep in mind: It’s important to be aware that the configuration you’ve created in the portal won’t reflect the changes you made. We suggest naming your custom banner ads differently so you can easily tell them apart.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’re here to help. Email us anytime at To stay in the loop on Smart Placements and future iterations of the solution, stay tuned into our blog.