Earn Easier with New Features Now Available for Intelligent Smart Placements Banner Ads

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Starting today, we’ve enhanced our intelligent Smart Placements banner ads to increase your revenue by getting your site and your ads in perfect harmony without requiring any extra work from you.

 Originally launched in late 2017 as eBay’s first solution to leverage machine-learning for our partners, Smart Placements now makes each ad you create even more effective with two new features: contextual recognition technology and keyword fallback logic.

Once activated*, the new contextual feature can read your webpage, understand what's on it, and automatically create a native banner ad featuring eBay products that best match your written and visual content. To see it in action, install Smart Placements now.


As a part of our Smart Suite, this solution makes it easier to earn by optimizing your online real estate for you, so that you can sit back, relax and watch your revenue rise. Here’s how it works with the newest features:

  1. Show your visitors what they want. Smart Placements still offers the Auto-Optimization feature that uses retargeting technology to identify each of your visitors as they enter your site and dynamically updates in real-time to show items based on each person's individual history on eBay.

  2. Earn with a smarter, easier inventory selection. When both the retargeting and the new contextual features are activated* (learn how here), and your visitor is not identified as a recent eBay user, Smart Placements will crawl your webpage and scrape the content for text, hyperlinks and images. It will then display inventory that best matches the context of each page on which you place a banner.

  3. Rely on us to keep your banners live and compelling. You can still choose your own keywords and categories to determine what shows in the banner, and we've enhanced that with our new “fallback logic,” which protects your banners from keywords that yield insufficient results. Simply select a category from the drop-down, and eBay’s best products from that category will populate your ad.

  4. The best part- You have complete flexibility and control. All of these features can be used together or independently. In the Configuration Hub, simply check the box of which feature(s) you’d like to have with each banner and click ‘Save.’

    1. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be in the portal to edit your Smart Placements keywords and categories. Read this guide to learn how to edit your banner ads from your own site.

Install Smart Placements now. To learn more about how it works, review our FAQs and this handy Quick Start Guide

*The new contextual feature of Smart Placements is currently only available for English-language partner websites and marketplaces (AU, CA, IE, US, UK).

And that’s not all: Stay tuned, responsive sizing options are on their way! Soon, you’ll be able to make sure your banners are always the right fit for whatever device or browser your buyers are using. 

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