How the New and Improved “View Item Pages” Will Help You Earn More

As your strategic partner, we are committed to help make driving revenue as easy as possible for you, which is why we consider your campaign optimisation as a top priority in our service to you.

Starting today, we are equipping you with a new version of our “View item” page that has proven to convert better than the previous version of this page. The best part- there’s nothing you need to do to make it happen - we’re redirecting your links* for you.

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This cleaner, modernized landing page improves conversions as a result of key interface upgrades. These include:

  • Emphasizing the call to action: Compel quick clicks with our new larger, more legible calls to action (“Buy It Now” and “Place Bid”).
  • Cutting out the clutter with collapsible details: Fuel faster purchase decisions with reduced text on-screen to critical info while still providing investigative shoppers easy access to what they want to know.
  • Reinforcing brand promises like our Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping: Instill trust in buyers and keep them coming back for more with eBay’s unwavering commitments to our buyers.
  • Increase cart size by cross-promoting and upselling with modules like “Best selling”, “Save on” and “You may also like”: Expand your earnings with new prompts that leverage our structured data to encourage larger orders.

See for yourself! Compare an example of the old page (“/itm”) here to an example of the new page (“/i”) here.

To help you begin converting buyers with these new landing pages, we’ll be automatically redirecting your /itm links* for you in phases. Starting May 7, we'll be redirecting small percentages of all partner traffic to the new /i pages. We'll be monitoring performance, and scaling up traffic in increments, with the goal of having 100% of /itm traffic going to these new, /i landing pages by the end of May.

*Please note that these are only links that currently point to older versions of the view item page. Links that go to the home page, a search results page or anywhere else will not be impacted by this change.

You don’t have to wait. To begin using these pages now, you can do one of two things:

  1. Change the URL before copying it by switching the /itm to /i in the URL
  2. Change the URL in the EPN rover link after you’ve created it.

Here’s where it is in the link:

Changing the URLs is quick and easy, and can be done on-the-go with our new Smart Share Chrome extension.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I See More Examples of the Pages?

Go to any /itm page and change the “/itm” to “/i”. It’s that easy.

What about International eBay Sites?

This is for every eBay site. For instance, if you’re looking at an item on, the URL will have a /itm and changing it to /i shows you the new page design. The ramping is for all of eBay.

What Tools are Changing? Do I HAVE to Update All My Links?!?

At this point, we’re keeping all of our link generation tools the same, so there are no required actions on your part. We’ll ramp up the traffic to the new pages over time. You don’t have to do anything yourself - links that would have gone to the older versions of the view item page will now go to the new version.

What about Smart Placements?

Smart Placements that are auto-optimised already default to the new /i pages. If you’ve unchecked the box and don’t use the auto-optimisation feature, clicking on an item goes to the older /itm style pages. Since you can’t edit individual links, you’ll need to rely on our automatic traffic ramping for these to go to the new style of page.

What about my Other Links?

They’ll work exactly as they always have. We're only redirecting traffic that would have gone to an older version of the view item page. Links that go to the home page, or a search results page, or anywhere else will not be impacted by this change.

Why Do You Still Use /itm Pages at All?

The /i pages perform better in a marketing context, but with a site as large and complex as eBay, we have many factors to consider market-by-market. Today, we’re ensuring our EPN partners benefit from this exciting option. We’re proud to note that continually improving the eBay buyer experience is a committed, ongoing effort. We have a number of page-style redesigns in the works for other types of pages (no release dates at this time).

Do you have suggestions on other ways we can improve landing pages that you drive traffic to? Let us know! Email us anything at