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Maximising mobile success with ePN

Maximising Mobile Success with ePN6.docxMaximising mobile success with ePN The mobile revolution is continuing at a very fast pace, and here at ePN we believe this presents a huge opportunity for our affiliates to grow their businesses. Consumer shopping and spending habits are shifting, and mobile devices are increasingly becoming the primary personal computing platform, with more and more people browsing and purchasing goods via their smartphones and tablets.

The case for going mobile is clear from our own statistics – as a global leader in mobile e-commerce, eBay processed more than more than $US 20 billion in mobile commerce transactions in 2013, with users using mobile devices to access no less than 40 per cent of listings in the fourth quarter of 2013 alone.

The most successful affiliates will be those that are proactively creating mobile-focused strategies that deliver a seamless consumer experience across all devices, to help to increase not only their reach, but critically, also their conversion rates, thereby staying ahead of the competition.

By tracking the mobile traffic to your site, you can measure how successful your mobile strategy has been, and identify which tactics are having the most impact. Below is a reminder of how to retrieve your mobile traffic report, including a screenshot of what the report graph looks like, and some frequently asked questions.

1. Where can I see the mobile traffic to my site?

Remember, there are a couple of ways to see your mobile traffic in the reports you’re already using.

  • Go to the Reports Tab >> Run Report and select “Mobile Traffic” for Traffic Type.  You’ll see your daily report and graph just like you’re used to seeing with your classic traffic.

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  • Go to the Reports tab >> Download Reports and run a Transaction Download Report.  This report has a column marked “Traffic Type” that indicates whether your traffic is mobile or classic.  Please note that we’ve also added a column for “Item Name.”  This doesn’t have anything to do with mobile specifically, but we know it’s something you’ve been asking for.

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2. What does ePN classify as web and mobile traffic?

We define traffic type based on the device.  Web or “classic” traffic is defined as traffic which occurs on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile traffic is traffic that occurs on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

3. How will ePN track my mobile traffic clicks, purchases and other activity?

ePN tracks mobile traffic clicks, purchases and activity in the same way we do for classic traffic.

4. What commission model applies to mobile traffic?

The same payment structure that you’re currently on for classic traffic is also applicable to mobile traffic.

5. I don’t have a mobile site, can I still get compensated for mobile traffic?

Yes. Publishers do not need a mobile website to drive mobile traffic. When your website is accessed on a mobile device the traffic will be detected and reported as mobile traffic.

6. What tools does ePN offer to support mobile?

There are several ways you can capture additional revenue by directing your mobile visitors to eBay, with the help of ePN tools. Mobile compatible tools include text links, RSS product feeds, HTML custom banners and the API.

We also offer a Mobile Tool ID, which publishers can integrate into their links, providing statistics that will be available via the Tool Report as part of the ePN publisher interface.

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