Important Notice for Publishers in the German Program


Please see below for upcoming eBay Partner Network (ePN) requirement for publishers who advertise in Germany. What is the Requirement? Many publishers in Germany are already familiar with German base price (“Grundpreis”) rules associated with the German law “Preisangabenverordnung“. One of the law’s requirements is that certain items, when advertised with a price by a professional dealer towards a consumer, must also express the price per relevant unit (e.g., price per milliliter, gram, etc.). The law applies to products sold prepackaged, in open packages, or without wrapping, by weight, volume, length or area (e.g., chocolate, motor oil, sewing thread, perfume, etc.). For more information on this law, please see the following page from eBay’s German site:

Who Is Affected? All advertisers and publishers in Germany must comply with this law. eBay sellers today provide unit price information when listing items on eBay’s German site and, beginning November 15, 2015, ePN will require all publishers who advertise items on eBay’s German site to comply.

What Do Publishers Need to Do? As noted above, all publishers who advertise items on eBay’s German site need to display unit price where applicable. The compliance steps involved differ depending on which tools a publisher uses.

  • Unit Price information is already available through eBay’s Finding API (UnitPriceInfo), so publishers who use this API are already able to comply
  • For publishers who use ePN’s feeds, ePN is making a change to ensure that we pull unit price information from our Finding API into our feeds. eBay uses the UnitType and UnitQuantity values and the item’s listed price to calculate and display per-unit pricing. For publishers who already ingest our feeds, you will need to reconfigure to ingest the new UnitPrice field for display on your site where prices are advertised.
  • Publishers who use other ePN tools (e.g., Creatives Generator, Link Generator, etc.) but who manually add price information to ads will need to ensure compliance as well.

When Is the Change to ePN Feeds Taking Place? The changes to ePN feeds described above will be completed by October 19th. ePN publishers will need to comply by November 15, 2015. After November 15, ePN may take action against individual publishers who are out of compliance.

Please write to ePN Customer Support at if you have any questions on this.

DE and UK Pricing Adjustments

DE and UK Pricing AdjustmentAs the markets we operate in are constantly evolving, we are continuously looking for the best ways to enable you to optimize your performance and earnings. In order to align with this changing landscape, we are updating the rate cards for both the UK and German program, which will take effect on 1st July 2014. The adjustments to the rate cards in these regions will affect all publishers who are active in these country-specific programs. Since we implemented pricing changes in October 2013, our team at eBay Partner Network has continued to work closely with our publishers. We’ve listened to your feedback as we establish how we can best support your business growth while providing you with tips and best practice guidelines to help you optimize opportunities.

Beginning on 1st July for the UK program, we will move to a 75% revenue share for all verticals. In addition, for every new or reactivated buyer sent to eBay, you will receive a bonus of 100% of your earnings.

New UK rate card:



Beginning on 1st July for the German program, the commission will increase for most verticals, as detailed below. In addition, for every new or reactivated buyer sent to eBay, you will receive a bonus of 100% of your earnings.

New German rate card: 



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We appreciate your support and look forward to our continued partnership. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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