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Publisher Stories: PAYBACK


Tim Seewöster, Head of Digital Partnermanagement & Digital Sales, PAYBACK We have the pleasure of introducing you to another of eBay Partner Network’s publishers, PAYBACK. PAYBACK is the leading international multi-partner loyalty programme and the biggest multichannel marketing platform worldwide. In Germany, India, Mexico, Poland and Italy, customers can use PAYBACK to collect points from over 600 companies and redeem these for vouchers, rewards or Lufthansa miles, or donate them. In 2013, PAYBACK card holders collected points worth EUR 183 million and redeemed 96 percent of these! As a multichannel marketing platform, PAYBACK communicates via all channels – offline, online and via mobile – and, in doing so, provides the optimal combination of coverage and personalisation.

How do you work with ePN?

We use eBay within three channels: online, offline and mobile. We apply offline within print mailings, which we send about 60 million times per year. One mailing can have a circulation of up to 12 million. On our website, we place eBay in every campaign and at every product level. eBay is also part of our mobile strategy, for example within our mobile app. Here, users can collect points with their mobile device.

What do you like most about ePN?

What I like is the very professional support provided by the eBay Partner Network team. Additionally, its remuneration model is fair, transparent and easy to understand.

eBay’s campaign management does not push for holistic distribution, but rather focuses on guiding the user buying decision process. This ethos is very important to us and our partners as well. We agree with eBay’s shift toward a more targeted approach using its behavioral profiling to identify specific personalities, which should perform with better margins. We too have had positive experiences with this approach and are working to tap its full potential.

What are the tools’ advantages?

eBay’s biggest advantage is the depth of detail within its reports. These allow for exceptionally detailed analysis. If I want to know who bought which item at what time and where, then the tool incredibly useful. That being said, if you have never worked with this system or are relatively inexperienced when dealing with this volume of data, you may find it a challenge to digest at first.

What are the trends in e-commerce?

In my opinion, the current e-commerce trend is clearly about targeted marketing. The question of how to connect this to additional buying decisions as quickly as possible also ties in to this. That means I can provide targeted suggestions to somebody who just purchased an item, to buy a complementing additional item.

It is always difficult to guide customers in a buying decision process, and so we at PAYBACK asked ourselves “What does the customer actually buy? We noticed that, for example, a banner will convert better if the promoted item is displayed within the creative rather than displaying a generic mood or lifestyle image.

In short, keep everything relevant. We have experienced good results when focusing at this level. In our opinion, this is not only an important issue for PAYBACK, but for all service providers in this segment – whether it is loyalty just like us, price comparisons, or editorial content – the relevance is very important.

Where do you work together with eBay?

PAYBACK is largely a German programme. Here, we have a brand awareness of over 70 percent which puts us in a very strong position. We have also just been included by American Express, and plan to internationalise the PAYBACK business model. We just launched with the same corporate name in Italy. It is obviously beneficial that the colleagues who build the business in Italy work together with eBay and use their existing range. Of course, Italy will not be the only country within the loyalty programme. We are exploring activity in other countries in the future.

Publisher Stories: FatFingers


We really value spending time and catching up with our partners and are always eager to hear their stories. Today, we’re delighted to introduce you to FatFingers who launched back in 2004. Founded and run Mike Sheard, FatFingers helps people find bargains on eBay. It does this by finding items that have been misspelt and don’t turn up on usual searches. As a result, they don’t tend to attract too many bids if any at all, so this is a very value service! In this story, Mike covers the importance of catering to a mobile audience, an audience that is “going to grow and grow over time”. He is particularly excited about integrating with the upcoming eBay mobile App to compliment his own Apps across iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry operating systems.

Mike’s key tip for publishers is to create a site you’d like to use yourself - then others will love it too. Publishers should concentrate on the user experience first and foremost and worry about the rest later!

Click here to see the interview

We would like to thank Mike for sharing his story with us and we wish FatFingers continued success!

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Publisher Stories:

publisher stories offersFrom time to time, we like to take a deeper look into what our publishers are up to, going behind the scenes to share how they’re working with eBay Partner Network to build their businesses.  We recently sat down with Howard Schaffer, Vice President of Partner Development for, a coupon and deals website. launched in 2009 to serve consumers who were looking for ways to save time and money while shopping online. In the site’s quest to access a wider selection of product deals, they began working with ePN over a year ago. Howard says the team likes working with ePN because of the variety of products and brands available, in addition to the technologies available to access deals.

Howard also talks a bit about the goals has for the rest of 2014, which include growing to be a top deals site, working closely with ePN to source quality deals, and improved seasonal and holiday planning – anything they can do to give consumers timely access to the best deals online. They’re also focusing on mobile, going after consumers who browse and buy from their phones.

As far as tips for new publishers, Howard’s advice is just to jump in and get started. From there, publishers can explore all the different ways to find deals on eBay, which include ePN communications such as emails and blog posts to tools such as product feeds and the API.

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We'd like to thank Howard and his team at for letting us peak behind the curtain of their day-to-day business.