EPN Tools for creating affiliate banners

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide for creating banners and onsite assets! In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of using the Creative Generator and Custom Banner tools. We’ll also cover some best practices for using each of these tools to help you decide when, where, and how it’s best to use them.

Creative Generator

Our Creative Generator allows you to choose from a variety of colorful ad units to enhance your site and entice your visitors to click through to eBay.

If you are looking for a particular creative, you can use the "Search By" field to select how you'd like to search -- either by Title, Description, or Tool ID. Then use the second field to enter in your search query. Otherwise, you can scroll through all of the creatives to find the one that's best for you.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Visit epn.ebay.co.uk
  2. Select "Creative Generator" from the Tools menu in the top navigation
  3. All of the available creatives are shown. You can scroll through to find the one you want, or you can use the search options on the left to narrow it down.
    • Search by: Title, Description or Tool ID
    • Select eBay as the advertiser
    • Select target program country
    • Select size:
      • All sizes or pre-determined size from drop-down list
    • Select type: 
      • Logo
      • Banner
      • Flash
      • Video
    • Select category:
      • All categories
      • Featured
      • Seasonal
      • Popular Products
      • Daily Deals
      • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
      • Motors
    • Click Search
  4. Select the creative you want to use
  5. Choose your Campaign ID (required) and your Custom ID (optional). While every EPN link must have a Campaign ID associated with it, the use of Custom ID is optional. It is most often used by cashback or loyalty partners who have their own members and need their internal member IDs synched with that member's activity via EPN links
  6. Click "Generate Code"
  7. Choose the Code Type
  8. Copy the code that appears in the "Code" box
  9. Add the HTML or JavaScript code to the place you choose to promote eBay products

Custom Banner

Our Custom Banner tool allows you to choose from a variety of options (layout, theme) to customize a banner that will display relevant, real-time listings on your site. You can customize the look and feel of the banner, and can set up custom criteria to choose which eBay items will show up in the banner.

To get started, take the steps outlined below: 


Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Visit epn.ebay.co.uk
  2. Select "Custom Banner" from the Tools menu in the top navigation of the EPN Portal

Affiliate Details

  1. Select program (by country)
  2. Select the Campaign
  3. Input Custom ID (optional). It is most often used by cashback or loyalty partners who have their own members and need their internal member IDs synched with that member's activity via EPN links

Ad Layout

  1. Select format:
    • Image link
    • Pix-over
    • Simple text
  2. Select ad size (custom available)
  3. Select ad content type
  4. Select auto-scroll (yes/no)
  5. Input ad title

Ad Theme

  1. Select theme
  2. Select font
  3. Select colors

Ad Content: Search Criteria and Search Exclusions
Pick the keywords and categories you want to use to choose the items that will show up in the Custom Banner

  1. Input category name or ID
  2. Input keywords

Advanced Options

  1. Select how the items in the banner will be sorted:
    • Best Match
    • Items Ending First
    • Newly-Listed Items First
    • Lowest/Highest Prices First
  2. Input Seller ID(s) to only show items from certain eBay sellers
  3. Select min/max price range
  4. Select distance
  5. Select items to show: All Listings, Auction Only, BIN (Buy it Now) Only
  6. Select additional options: items with Free Shipping only, items from Top Rated Sellers only, items that accept PayPal payments only
  7. The generated code will display at the bottom of the page. Copy the code and paste it wherever you plan to promote eBay products

Best Practices for Using Creative Tools

High quality images and visuals can enhance the written content of your website. Not only do they help break up the monotony of multiple lines of text, but they also help bring legitimacy to your website, creating a more professional look and feel. You can use our creative tools to create eye-catching visuals, which will entice your visitors to click to eBay.

The placement of advertising images on your website is important. You’ll want the images to enhance your written content, not overpower it or interrupt it. Too many images, especially advertisements, can turn people away from your website. Ultimately, striking a good balance between using text and image affiliate links will provide multiple ways to drive visitors to eBay and earn commissions.

You can analyze how your Creatives perform by using the By Tool/Creative or By Campaign reports in the EPN portal. The By Tool/Creative report will tell you which types of Creatives are performing the best, and the By Campaign report will tell you how each placement on your page is performing (if you choose to use a different Campaign ID for each placement). You can use this data to optimize for what works best on your site.


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