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This month it’s also the anniversary of the eBay Partner Network. During the past decade, eBay has created comprehensive affiliate programmes for valued partners. This month, eBay is celebrating an important milestone for the programmes – the five year anniversary of the eBay Partner Network.  Now, more than 300,000 websites help drive traffic to eBay through our Partner Network and allow publishers to promote items from 13 different global eBay sites.

The success of the eBay Partner Network is in no small part thanks to eBay affiliates and this anniversary is the perfect opportunity to thank you and celebrate the great strides the programme has made with your support.

In the past five years, with the help of trusted affiliates, eBay has seen the network continue to grow, with new features and functionalities including:

-          Quality Click Pricing which changed the way eBay and publishers worked by paying affiliates for each click sent to an eBay site.

-          EPN Mobile  which allowed partners to monitor traffic and impact specifically from mobile sites.

Since its launch, eBay Partner Network has also been nominated for and won numerous industry awards, such as A4U Innovative Merchant and eConsultancy Innovation awards, which both recognised the impact of Quality Click Pricing on global affiliate programmes.

In 2013, eBay Partner Network will add even more great capabilities whilst ensuring existing programmes continue to be developed.  As eBay Partner Network Director Brian Marcus recently outlined, the global eBay network is also focusing on growing and expanding our publisher footprint and growing our marketing initiatives into new verticals this year.

As the eBay Partner Network celebrates its fifth anniversary, what developments would you like to see to the programme during the next five years?

Thanks again to all of eBay’s valued partners; we look forward to celebrating another great year together!

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Image credit: Stonn