Industry News: Trends in Traffic Figures

This week, we’ve noticed a lot of talk on traffic numbers and how publishers can capitalise on trends to reach more users.

Firstly, recent research from Fast Company revealed a surprising finding - long articles that develop as more information on a story breaks can be more effective at driving page views than short snappy posts on breaking news. The conclusion? The key to successful content is engagement, not velocity. By investing time in developing engaging content, regardless of the length, Fast Company saw their bounce rates significantly reduce (see image below).

bounce rate



Staying on the topic of traffic, a report from The Local Traffic Association found that PC traffic has become flat, with zero growth in PC-generated Internet traffic since 2011. Conversely, as mobile devices continue to proliferate, so does the use of mobile for local search (see figure below). The report urges publishers to shift their focus and budgets to optimise their content to reach this rapidly developing mobile audience.

web traffic