Industry News: Affiliate Marketing Opportunities Abound


A few weeks ago, industry news revolved around trends in traffic. During the past two weeks, however, the conversation has shifted to opportunities. The opportunities affiliate marketers are creating for brands, as well as marketers’ opportunities to take advantage of the ever-growing EU ad market, mobile growth and engaging content. The biggest piece of news was the Internet Advertising Bureau’s recently released Annual AdEx Benchmark survey, which valued online advertising at €24.3bn in the EU and highlighted growth in several key markets – specifically mobile and online videos. According to The Drum’s coverage of the AdEx Benchmark, affiliate marketing in the UK alone generated £9bn in sales in 2012 – which equates to an average return of £11 for every £1 spent!

The Drum also took a closer look at the mobile opportunity, highlighting the necessity of strong tracking and analytics for affiliates to reap the full potential of mobile. If mobile is a priority for you in 2013, don’t forget to take tracking into account.

Finally, an article published in The Guardian explored the importance of content marketing for brands and the need to engage with customers via content that appeals specifically to their lives and their wants. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute sums it up nicely, saying, "Your customers don't care about you, your products, your services… they care about themselves, their wants and their needs. Content marketing is about creating interesting information your customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention to you."

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