eBay Partner Network Tips & Tricks: - Getting the most out of the eBay Partner Network

Welcome to the eBay Partner Network Tips & Tricks blog. During the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing how-to-guides that will showcase different features and best practices, hopefully helping you garner the best results from eBay Partner Network.

We’ll also be looking at getting the most out of the ePN on social media sites. We have added tools that will help you maximise your social media campaigns, help you to track activity and reporting, and use shorter links to make your Facebook promotions more efficient.  You can find out more information here.  ePN is also developing its mobile capabilities, so make sure you check back for our mobile updates.

Below, please find a concise overview to eBay Partner Network for newer users. For our seasoned affiliates, it may be an interesting refresher.

Stay tuned for more helpful how-to’s soon!

Getting Started on eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network represents eBay Inc.'s affiliate and partner programs worldwide. The eBay Partner Network:

  • Enables you to become a long term partner with one of the biggest brands on the Internet.
  • Makes it easy to monetize your website with fresh and unique items that complement existing content and add value for visitors.
  • Enables you to monetize international traffic with a global reach and appeal to people around the world.
  • Offers a competitive commission rate that rewards web sites with unique content and innovative technology that help visitors make purchasing decisions. 

Getting started on eBay Partner Network 

If you haven’t already applied to eBay Partner Network then read this! Did you know that applications are subject to a manual review by a real human being? Put yourself in their shoes. The more information you provide such as your business model, traffic sources and specific URLs you intend to use, the more likely your application is to be accepted.

Here are some key recommendations direct from the eBay team that you can use as a checklist:

  • Submit an active phone number where you can be reached within 24 hours of your application – there may be a phone call to verify the accuracy.
  • Be crystal clear as to exactly how eBay will be promoted in your description.
  • Add all domains to your account that will be used to promote eBay – more on transparency later!
  • If your primary business model is not listed in the options, you must fill out a special business model application form -  if not done, you may be required to pause campaigns until a review can be performed, or possibly have your account suspended.
  • If you change your business model at a later date, always remember to change the description within the eBay Partner Network interface. To do this, go into the Account tab and select Business Information. You may also need to submit a special business model application form.
  • Ensure that all payment information is accurate and complete and includes details on tax status where applicable – you don’t want those commissions to get held up!

 Setting up links

In the “Tools” tab on your dashboard you will find the “Link Generator” tool. This tool allows you to create trackable JavaScript or HTML links for any of your marketing activities on the eBay Partner Network – see a quick hot-to in this video.

You can have different link formats, depending on the types of services you offer. The following link types are available:

  • Homepage - Takes the user to the program home page (ex: http://www.ebay.co.uk)
  • Search Results (eBay only) or Keyword Search (Half.com only) - Takes the user to a search results page with the search criteria you choose on the appropriate program site.
  • Item (eBay only) or ISBN/UPC/MPN (Half.com only) - Takes the user to a page for the chosen eBay Item or Half.com catalogued Item on the appropriate program site.
  • Store (eBay only) - Takes the user to the eBay Store you specify.
  • Custom URL - Takes the user to an eBay URL you specify.
  • eBay Product ID (eBay only ) a.k.a. EPID - Takes the user to the product page that shows the best deals for that product by item condition (New, Used, Refurbished, etc.,) and buying formats (Auction, Buy it Now) on the same page.


In the “Reports” tab you can see the multiple reporting options for you campaigns. Run reports by:

  • Day  - See your performance by day (“One day per line”)
  • Campaign – See the performance of individual campaigns (“One campaign per line”)
  • Tool See the performance of various tools, e.g. Link Generator and Creatives (“One tool/creative per line”)
  • Program See your performance breakdown by programme (“One programme per line”)
  • Transaction Download Download your raw transaction data (revenue generating events) for use with your own analysis tool or spreadsheet program

These reports include graphs, summary reports and downloadable transactional data.  These will allow you track your campaigns and optimise campaign performance.


Affiliate commission payments are done at the end of each month, for the previous month’s activities. To ensure correct payment, make sure you enter the correct payment and tax information  in your “Accounts” tab.  You can be paid via PayPal or by Direct Debit.

If you select “Payment History,” you can see all due payments and previous payments.

We hope you have found this introduction to eBay Partner Network useful and we will continue to share tips and tricks on a regular basis.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like more information on, or if there’s a certain topic you’d like to learn about please let us know – we’d love to hear your thoughts!