Industry News: European affiliate landscape and A4U Expo

New PictureIn the last industry news update we looked at the opportunity for affiliate marketers in mobile. This week have seen a number of interesting articles looking at the wider affiliate marketing landscape throughout Europe, not just talking about mobile but the overall industry. PerformanceIN, in conjunction with Webgains and Momondo, has published it annual European Affiliate Landscape Report 2013, which gives a comprehensive overview of the industry. Several hundred affiliates across Europe were surveyed for their insights, resulting in some interested findings showing how affiliates are looking to remain competitive in the next 12 months. Some of the key findings of the results include: - The number of affiliates operating in Europe has increased - Up to half of all respondents are looking to expand into new territories in the six months - Fashion, retail, travel and leisure are the three verticals most affiliates operate in The article also noted good news for the affiliate community – stating that ‘Due to the economic crisis, advertisers are increasingly turning to the performance model’ - check out the full report here. Another interesting report published this week is a snapshot of e-commerce customer acquisition, published by Custora. The report focuses data from over 72 million customers from over 86 different U.S retailers. Despite this, is still interesting for affiliates as it highlight some important trends in the customer acquisition lifecycle. Some of the key findings include: - Customer acquisition via email has quadrupled in the last four years - The lifetime value of customers acquired via Twitter is 23% lower than the general average - The most valuable customers tend to come from more rural areas. Finally, the eBay Partner Network team (picture above) were at A4U Expo this month in Amsterdam on the 2nd- 3rd of July. eBay’s very own Gianfranco Ludovici, Head of Online Marketing and Business Development, was part of a panel of experts discussing the opportunities provided by social media and mobile technologies for affiliate marketers. PerformanceIn has published a review of the expo here, which gives insight into the topics covered and the type of attendees. You can read more about the conference here .