eBay Partner Network at Dmexco in Cologne, personalising the affiliate programmes and the state of the affiliate marketing in 2013.

Last week the eBay Partner Network team was in Cologne for Dmexco – one of the world’s largest conferences – taking a look at digital marketing.  With more than 700 exhibitors from over 20 countries, Dmexco is where industry leaders such as Unilever and Proctor & Gamble come to discuss the future of digital marketing. There is a great overview video of the conference here that will give you an idea of the size and scale of the event. Next up, the eBay Partner Network Team is off to the Performance Marketing Insights Conference London (formerly A4U Expo), so keep your eyes peeled for us and come and say hello. This week, UK marketing magazine The Drum published a great article looking at the increasing need to personalise online advertising as shoppers become more and more digitally savvy. The article, written by journalist Katie McQuater, talks about the need for personalised programmes for affiliates that want to attract new customers. Katie poses the question – should affiliate marketers be looking to offer visitors to their site the most relevant online shopping experience possible?

Also published this week was AffStat’s 2013 affiliate marketing bench marking report. You can download the full report here. AffStat surveyed more than 1,600 affiliates about how they work, and their preferences and strategies for affiliate marketing. The results of the survey give us an interesting picture of affiliates, breaking down information into age, gender, marital status and so on, as well as providing information on how long they have been an affiliate marketer, their strategies for driving traffic to their website and the kind of products and services they offer their customers.

What are your affiliate marketing strategies for 2014? How will you be planning to grow your business?