New Pricing FAQs


Updated: 08/11/2013

As previously announced, our new pricing will launch globally on October 1st.  A number of qood questions have been posed and we have put together a set of FAQs that we hope will further clarify pricing for our partners.

Why are you changing the ePN pricing model?

All good pricing models evolve over time and reflect the changing marketplace and strategies of the business.

The new pricing structure provides greater transparency and simplicity, so you know exactly how earnings are calculated and are better able to optimize.

The new pricing model allows us to compensate you competitively for the traffic that you drive to eBay, while including an incentive to help eBay expand its customer base.

What does this mean for the future of ePN’s affiliate program?

The future for ePN has never been brighter and our pricing model now better reflects our goals and ambitions.

New pricing will help us strengthen the program, allowing for better alignment with eBay’s company-wide initiatives of driving buyers in specific categories and expanding the customer base through new and reactivated buyers.

How is it different from the previous pricing model? What are the new components of ePN pricing?

Whereas QCP was based on an algorithm that relied on multiple factors to calculate earnings, the new pricing model is based on a set of category-level commission rates. These rates range from 40 to 80 percent of revenue, based on category and program country. In addition, the new pricing model provides a bonus for new and reactivated buyers. These buyers are defined as visitors who have not purchased from eBay over the past 12 months.  The new and reactivated buyer bonus equates to an additional 200 percent bonus.

Another new component is in the way we track “Buy It Now” and “Bid” items. For a “Buy It Now” item, you will be compensated if a user makes a purchase within 24 hours. For “Bid” items where a bid (not necessarily the Winning Bid) is placed within 24 hours of the initial click, you are credited for winning auctions for up to 10 days, which is the maximum length that an auction can last.

How this will affect my earnings / how much will I earn with the new model?

Overall, the pricing rates are market-driven, but will vary by publisher. As the new pricing is based on a set of category-level commission rates with bonuses for driving purchases from new and reactivated eBay buyers, those of you focusing on the higher percentage categories who are also driving new buyers will do the best under the new model.

Will the new pricing affect all publishers?

The new pricing model will be applied for all global affiliates, but rates vary by program country. Specific details can be found in the rate card.

Which programs are affected by new pricing (i.e. eBay Commerce Network,, Stubhub)?

The new pricing model applies to eBay Marketplaces programs, specifically part of eBay Partner Network. This excludes, eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network and eBay Commerce Network.

How much will I earn for driving buyers in various categories? How was this determined? Will the category rates change over time?

Category-specific rates are set to be competitive in local markets and should not change significantly over time. You can view our current rate card here.

How do I drive new/reactivated buyers?

Use our tracking parameters (Campaign and Custom ID) and data in the Transaction Download Report to analyze your current traffic and transactions to find where and when you may be currently driving these users.  We understand that finding these users and driving them to eBay takes time and effort, which is why we’re providing a 200% bonus for doing so.

Where can I get more information about the changes?

The latest information will be included on our blog at

Where do I find my earnings information?

You can find your earnings for each transaction in the Transaction Download Report.

How do I optimize to improve my earnings?

Because of its transparency, the new pricing model makes it easier to optimize than ever before. The Transaction Download Report provides insight into buyer frequency and transactions, which will help you analyze your current traffic. And while every publisher will develop their own unique strategies to improve earnings, those focusing on the higher percentage categories while driving new and reactivated buyers make the most under the new model.

Are these cookies still based on a 7-day referral period for sales and 30 days for new users?

For a “Buy It Now” item, you will be compensated if a user makes a purchase within 24 hours. For “Bid” items where a bid (not necessarily the Winning Bid) is placed within 24 hours of the initial click, you are credited for winning auctions for 10 days, which is the maximum length that an auction can last.

Are you planning on providing more details about the model you’re using to calculate payouts?

Full details on the new pricing model, including the category rate card, the bonus structure and examples, can be found on our blog here and here.

Will reports for pre-price change remain unchanged?  i.e. they will not be updated to the reflect the new pricing?

Yes, reports will remain unchanged. There is no retroactive pricing.

Why am I seeing negative earnings?

Sometimes buyers either return merchandise or don’t complete payment after committing to buy, resulting in Unpaid Items (UPI). Historically, these negative earnings were smoothed out across several days and likely less noticeable to most partners. Partners were also unable to see exactly which transactions were reversed, but the new reporting capabilities allow clearer insight into which traffic segments potentially drive more UPIs.

Why did my earnings drop on October 1st?

Many publishers who drive primarily auction traffic were more significantly impacted during the first few days of the pricing launch than those who drive more Buy It Now traffic. With a 7-day referral period, a single day of earnings have historically been comprised of several days of Winning Bid activity. Because the referral period changed from 7 days to 24 hours on October 1st, that day’s earnings only comprised a single day of activity. Clicks from October 1st onward can drive future Winning Bid activity and metrics should normalize over time.

Do I get credit for a Bid after 24 hours?

Winning bids are still credited for 10 days after the click if there is a bid in the first 24 hours, even if there are subsequent bids after 24 hours.

Am I still getting paid for leads / ACRUs?  What is the difference between ACRU and “New Customers”? Why are you still reporting on ACRUs?

Our pricing structure does not use CRU or ACRU in determining your earnings. The CRU/ACRU action is based on a registration to eBay. A new and reactivated buyer is based on a purchase, specifically whether a buyer has purchased in the past 12 months.  Because ACRU is a metric that partners have historically leveraged to understand their performance, we will continue to provide that information to assist in optimization.

Why is my EPC so inconsistent?

An impact of the transparency that ePN provides includes potential volatility in your EPC.  Under QCP, earnings were smoothed from day to day. This provided perceived stability, but also meant that partners were unable to understand which transactions were driving which earnings. While EPC may fluctuate from day to day, partners can now see which clicks and campaigns are most profitable and optimize accordingly, which was previously not possible.

Do I get credit for items placed in the shopping cart within 24 hours but checked out after 24 hours? 

No, BIN items must be purchased within 24 hours of the click.

If a new or reactivated user buys more than one item within 24 hours of the click, do I get the new or reactivated buyer bonus for all of the items, or just the first one?

The new or reactivated bonus is applied to all items in that one day’s transactions.

Does ePN require a referrer in order for the traffic to be valid?

Although ePN doesn't withhold payment for traffic missing referral information, we strongly encourage publishers to avoid any practices that might hide referral information, including any behaviour that might create the false impression that the publisher is sending invalid traffic, or deliberately misdirecting in order to hide the source of the traffic (both of which are violations of our terms and conditions).

How does the new pricing credit Best Offers?

For a Best Offer to be credited, the offer that is accepted (regardless if it is the first offer, or a counter offer) must be placed within 24 hours of the click.

Why do I have a transaction with $0 eBay revenue and earnings?

Some transactions do not earn eBay any revenue, such as charity listings through eBay Giving Works. As payment is based on eBay revenue, these listings may not result in earnings. For non-charity transactions, sometimes revenue information is not yet available. Revenue and earnings information will be posted no later than seven days after the event date. If you are concerned about a transaction please wait seven days to see if an adjustment is made before contacting the Customer Support team.