Bi-Weekly News 9.10.2013: Consumer attitudes towards advertising and the on-going growth of mobile payments

Man & Ipad In the last bi-weekly newsletter, we took a look at how affiliates could personalise their programmes to make them more relevant for consumers visiting their site. This week, we have found three articles that focus on consumer trust, the continuing mobile opportunity and expanding your affiliate business internationally.

This week, Nielsen has published a report looking at consumer attitudes towards advertising.  Taking into account all forms of advertising – everything from television and print advertising to online and social – the report recognizes that for many brands, a successful advertising campaign is an essential part of their marketing mix. In addition, the report also shows that consumer trust in online advertising is growing, as is television and radio advertising.  The report shows that 48% of people surveyed trust advertising that is shown through search engines, videos and social networks, and that a further 69% of people trust advertising on branded websites. Good news for affiliates then – with mobile, social and personalized programmes, this is a great opportunity to capitalize on this opportunity.

This opportunity extends itself across international borders. PerformanceIN has published an interesting article that offers tips to affiliate marketers who want to expand their businesses globally. The article talks about operating globally from one country and the need to connect with the right partners in local territories who will be able to help them deliver successful campaigns.

Finally, some new research from Ayden shows that the global payments market has increased 27% worldwide from May to August 2013. Ayden’s Global Mobile Payment Index analysed data from thousands of merchants and concluded that Europe is the world leader in mobile payments, with North America also experiencing growth. Despite this, and the penetration of smartphones in Asia, the index reported a decrease in mobile payments in the Asian countries. This is encouraging news for affiliate marketers who are already taking advantage of the mobile opportunity and might persuade a few more to step on the mobile bandwagon!