Earn a Holiday Bonus of up to 25% on UK Campaigns

XMas_Do_IT_UK It’s almost peak Holiday season again and as last year we would like to offer you the chance to earn a bonus from your UK campaigns this November and December with the introduction of a new Holiday promotion.

Discover below how to make the most of the unprecedented number of online shoppers … and even more!

How does the promotion work?

If you increase your earnings by at least 20% (compared to your earnings in October 2013) during November and December, you’ll be eligible for a bonus on your total earnings for that month.

These bonuses will be tiered as follows:

Bonus earned based on earnings increase Earnings increase in November – December 2013 (compared to October 2013)
10% bonus 20% – 24.99% earnings increase
15% bonus 25% – 39.99% earnings increase
25% bonus Greater than 40% earnings increase


How will bonuses be calculated?

Bonuses will be calculated per programme and per account, separately for both November and December, before being paid together with the rest of your earnings for that month.

See an example of this calculation below:



October Earnings

November Earnings

Percentage Increase

Bonus Percentage

November Payment













For example, if your November 2013 earnings are 25% higher than your October earnings, you’ll earn a 15% bonus on your November earnings. If your December earnings are then less than 20% higher than your October earnings, you won’t receive a bonus for December 2013.

Which regions will be eligible for the promotion ?

The promotion is available to all publishers participating in the UK programme on the standard ePN pricing model.

This promotion is just one of the ways we’re helping you during peak shopping season. Questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.