Bi-Weekly News 01.11.2013: Performance marketing vs. display and the relationship between social media and affiliate marketing.


In this week’s bi-weekly news roundup we take a look at the relationship between performance and display marketing, in the wake of the IAB’s latest study on digital ad spend. PerformanceIN explores the reasons behind why social media is underutilised by the affiliate marketing industry. Finally, we take a closer look into reports by UK newspapers on the largest growth for the online retail sector in thirteen years.

Earlier this month the UK IAB released its latest study on digital adspend. The findings of the study showed that in the UK the total expenditure for display is more than 50% that of performance marketing spend. Traditionally, advertisers spend more on display because it directly influences incremental sales figures. Even though display advertising continues to dominate the marketing mix the good news for affiliates is that most brands still monitor performance, ROI and engagement.

PerformanceIN reports on the relationship between social media and the affiliate marketing community, asking the question ‘Why is such an important marketing channel being largely ignored by affiliates?’ The fact nobody has completely discovered a way to make a scalable profit from social media can explain this. But with email inboxes proving harder to get into for affiliates, social media represents an opportunity to reconnect with the customer.

In our last bi-weekly news wrap up we covered news from the UK that an increase in consumer confidence is leading the way for economic recovery. This week an article in the Daily Mail confirms Britain as the internet shopping capital of the world with a growth increase of 20% compared to this time last year. The ecommerce industry continues to lead the way for growth in the retail sector creating new opportunities for performance marketing and affiliates alike.