You could improve your conversion rates by showing buyers the trust they can have in eBay

Roset We know how important it is for buyers to trust the sellers they are dealing with – no one wants to just hand over money to an anonymous party without any guarantee they’ll receive what they ordered as a result. That’s why eBay has two trust initiatives:

  • The eBay Premium Service, which clearly shows the customer that they can have confidence in the seller they are dealing with. Sellers that achieve this recognition will at minimum have excellent buyer ratings, a 14-day return, and free and fast delivery options.
  • Users can be reassured by the eBay Money Back Guarantee  when purchasing through PayPal, which covers most items on the site. Click here to learn more.

Spread the word about the initiatives put in place to protect our buyers, see the rewards as more people choose to purchase through trusted sellers on eBay; and you will continue to optimize your traffic.

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