Custom Banner Helpful Hints

CustomBanner The Custom Banner is one of the hidden gems on the eBay Partner Network and it has over the past year undergone a rather impressive facelift and because of this we felt it was time to re-introduce this excellent tool to our publishers.

The Custom Banner allows you to display products from any eBay category and to narrow down what you want to show using a number of helpful filters including the below.


So without further ado here is a handy 7 step guide to get your first banner created!

Creating a Custom Banner

1.       Select your programme and Campaign.

2.       Decide on the format, layout and Ad Size, Ad content Type and for extra clarity add in “looking for” text.

3.       Create a custom theme so the content unit sits perfectly on your site.

4.       Select the category your product will fall into, the example above is the Mobile Phones & Communication category with a keyword of iPhone 5. NB: - You can select multiple categories and keywords.

5.       Should unwanted items appear in your custom banner use the search exclusions to remove unwanted categories and keywords.

6.       Advanced options gives you a number of parameters to help refine your ad, remove cheaper items by setting a minimum price, show only Bin’s or just include results from top rated sellers.

7.       Copy the generated code and paste on to your site


One more thing, if you are using Google Chrome please make sure to click on the shield symbol shown below and click “Load Unsafe Script” before you start work otherwise your previews won’t show.