Bi-weekly news 03.12.2013: recent evolutions in e-commerce

shutterstock_148978130_0In this bi-weekly news report we touch on recent evolutions in e-commerce; looking at a new era of branded domains, international affiliate relations and how festive digital spending has grown over the past 10 years. ICANN, the organization responsible for IP address space allocation and DNS management among other things, has confirmed that 1,400 “.London” domain suffixes will roll out next year, ushering in a new age of ‘branded’ domains. The value of such customizations is in contention however, with other similar examples failing to show significant traction in terms of use and awareness, let alone ROI. It will be interesting to see the success of this latest installation of customizable domains.

In other news, James Maley, head of corporate clients at Tradedoubler, advises on the importance of properly managing your international affiliate relations in The Drum’s article. Reporting that “in the EU, cross-border purchases are currently rising to nine per cent, with the region expecting and encouraging this to exceed 20 per cent by 2016”, James then offers general practice advice for affiliates alongside further guidance from industry peers.

And finally, on the 22nd of November The Independent reported that roughly 12 pence in every £1 of consumers’ Christmas shopping this year will be spent online, generating around £10 billion in revenue. This staggering figure, when set in contrast to the £1.7 billion spent ten years ago, touches on just how far e-commerce has evolved and grown over the years, showing a 495% increase over the decade. Should these trends continue, who can tell what changes we may see next?