Mobile e-commerce boom continues with strong year-end results

mcommerceFor this bi-weekly news report we explore mobile e-commerce and how it is influencing the affiliate landscape; looking at growth trends over the year, big day events such as Cyber Monday and forecasts of the future of m-commerce. Does mobile-connectivity really foster “a constant shopping state of mind”? There has been a lot of interest in mobile e-commerce and the benefits it brings to the industry this year. With the surge in mobile devices allowing ever increasing accessibility to the e-retail marketplace, opportunities for affiliates to capitalise on conversions have never been more bountiful. With mobile device sales forecast to push past laptops and PCs in 2014, according to IDC Canada, it is now more crucial than ever for publishers to make sure they’re catering for multichannel access.  The Drum recently reported an astonishing 89% of commuters browse or buy using their mobile devices on their way in and out of work. Combine this with eCommerce Pro’s statistic, 64% of smartphone shoppers are set to increase their on-mobile purchases this Christmas, and it becomes self-evident how integral m-commerce has become.

Cyber Monday, the biggest e-retail day of the year saw record breaking sales growth of 20.6% year-on-year. However the most noteworthy news was by how much this was driven by m-commerce. Mobile sales saw growth of 55.4% this year, exceeding 17% of total online sales.

Mobile e-commerce owes its growing success to a combination of portability, connectivity and relative affordability that shows no signs of slowing down. Mobile in the UK is forecast to account for an estimated 24% of retail ecommerce sales in 2014 and is set to rise to 35% by 2017 according to eMarketer. While we may be in danger or repeating ourselves; go mobile! It has proven itself too strong to ignore.

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