Planned Deprecation of Four ePN Tools

Planned Deprecation of Four ePN Tools One of our goals at eBay Partner Network is to better enable our publishers to drive quality traffic to eBay. Sometimes this involves the introduction of new products, features, or policies, but it also means that, from time to time, we need to deprecate products, features, or policies that are out of date.  Looking ahead to 2014, we would like to share some planned product changes for the coming months.  At some point in the next year, ePN plans to shutdown the following tools within our Publisher portal:  Editor Kit, eBay to Go, Tires Widget, and Motors Widget. In the weeks ahead, we will post a notification within the menu of these tools indicating that these tools will no longer be supported. We understand that many of you are still using these tools today and for that reason, we want to make clear that there will be no immediate impact to you. However, sometime in 2014 these tools will go offline and you will be unable to use them. We will follow up this communication when we know more about the planned deprecation schedule. In the meantime, we are providing this advance notice of these upcoming changes so that you have time to plan and consider your options when updating the ePN placements and links within your sites.

Publishers Currently Using Editor Kit and eBay To Go:

With the planned deprecation of the Editor Kit and eBay To Go tools, we are recommending that publishers consider using Custom Banner, a comparable option as a useful substitute for these legacy tools. The Custom Banner widget provides our publishers with the ability to customize targeted units of live listings by keyword, category, seller, and more (please see link below for additional details).

Publishers Using the Tires Widget and Motors Widget:

Similarly, with plans to deprecate the Tires and Motors Widgets in 2014, we recommend that publishers think about possible substitutes. We offer a large array of optimized rich, eBay-branded media ads within our Creative Generator that are suitable for all categories and businesses, including automotive publishers who may be particularly heavy users of our Tires and Motors Widgets.  Additionally, as stated above, publishers can also use the Custom Banner widget.

Creative Generator:

Custom Banner Widget:

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