Latest statistics show promise for 2014 publishers

New Picture (1) In this bi-weekly news report we usher in the New Year by looking back at the past; exploring how mobile devices affected e-commerce this holiday and how the commerce industry in general performed in its busiest period of the year.

The BBC recently reported that the actual “footfall” – people visiting High Street shops – was down 7.6 per cent in the week leading up Christmas this year. This was, at least in part, due to the ever increasing popularity of online shopping. The BBC drew on Experian’s estimates that UK consumers would spend 45 million hours on retail websites on Christmas Day. This instance represents a vast silo of e-commerce activity for affiliates to capitalise on which should not be taken lightly.

In the words of The Economic Times, mobile devices are “redefining” e-commerce business. E-commerce websites are seeing a surge of mobile traffic on a global scale, becoming an integral part of the advertiser’s affiliate programme. Figures from IBM have shown a 42 per cent increase in mobile e-commerce activity year-on-year, accounting for more than 58 per cent of all traffic.

While these figures show only hypothetical potential for publishers, when you correlate these with recent reports such as tablets accounting for a third of Boxing Day conversions and revenue from PPC, the evidence speaks for itself. Not only should this lay to rest any doubts about mobile traffic, but it should also encourage publishers to optimize their potential through these channels in 2014.

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