E-commerce trends in 2014: What they mean for publishers

trend In this edition of the bi-weekly updates we look at various forecasts for e-commerce in 2014. Publishers should be interested to see this year’s predictions; how they relate to traffic levels and how best to make them work for you, not against.

First on the list comes accessibility. Over the past year we’ve seen a lot of hype surrounding mobile traffic, and for a good reason too. Access through smartphones , tablets and other mobile devices has never been more important for publishers as more and more consumers are tend towards this mobile trend. It comes as no surprise then that “Mobile, Mobile and more mobile” is first on the Huffington Post’s list of trends that SME’s need to know. A reported 40% of Black Friday’s online shopping was mobile activity, which should be more than enough motivation for any publisher to go mobile.

Next up is optimization. eMarketer’s report on “Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Trends and Predictions for 2014” found that 59% of businesses believe conversion rate optimisation is crucial to their overall digital marketing strategy. Publishers need to be aware of who their target audiences are and tailor to their needs, with the end goal of increasing conversion rates and decreasing bounce rates. One area to be aware of after you’ve put the optimization time in is your SEO. For publishers to stay ahead of the game (SMEs especially) they could focus less on “traditional” methods and instead steer their efforts towards creating content that is fully tailored to their target audiences through alternative content forms.

Last on our list are multichannels. Consumer online behaviour trends are becoming more and more fragmented, now trafficking through numerous outlets, rather than down more obvious, direct routes. This offers existing publishers and potential new publishers alike huge opportunity to create paths to purchase. Multichanneling goes hand in hand with both accessibility and optimization, piecing together to create the ideal consumer experience for a publisher’s segment. With this combination in hand, publishers should be able to make the most of the great opportunities 2014 presents.

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