Make the most of a smooth, satisfactory online experience

customerservice1 In this edition of ePN’s bi-weekly news update we take a look at the consumer retail experience, both the good and the bad; from multichannel diversification to poor online experience, we explore recent trends in retail.

According to a survey by eCommerce Pro, one in three consumers have made purchases elsewhere after poor e-retail experiences. Christopher Schyma, Vice President (EMEA), Retail & Consumer Goods, comments how “consumers now expect online retailers to know who they are, anticipate their needs and then guide them to their desired outcome, whether that’s a sale, customer service issue or something else.” So what can affiliates learn from this? Well firstly, choose your network and merchants carefully - poor online experience means poor conversion rates. Websites with high consumer satisfaction index (CSI) figures are a safe bet, such as eBay!

Secondly affiliates need to make sure that their channel is providing the smoothest, most intuitive experience for their traffic. There’s no point spending hours researching the best websites, or linking to perfectly suited landing pages , if you’re going to fall at the first hurdle. Customize, streamline, optimize.

Which brings us nicely on to some encouraging results: New research of 239 of the UK’s largest retailers reveals that they are meeting customers’ demands for a more joined-up experience across online and in store. By this we of course are referring to multichannels. Retailers with a mobile optimised website have risen to 67%, with 80% also having a mobile application; 44% offer click and collect; and 82% of the customer service inquiries all made were answered accurately. This all adds up to a happier customer, and happy customers = conversions. Again, with risk of repeating itself, ePN can’t stress enough how important it is for affiliates to cater for these winning channels, especially for your mobile traffic.

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