Does your content work for you?

content In this edition of ePN’s bi-weekly news we take a look at content marketing – from industry figures to some tips and best practice methods that may help take your online experience that one step further.

It’s easy to see the draw of content marketing. Costing approximately 62% less than traditional marketing methods, content marketing has got 90% of all marketing departments investing on average over 25% of their budget into it. However, figures from InboundWriter suggested that most content produced, 80-90% in fact, fails to drive traffic, with only a fraction of the website being responsible.

So how can you make the time and money you’re investing into your website more productive? While there is no universal set of guidelines for every business (otherwise everyone would succeed) here are a few best practice methods that could help.

Get visible. If you’ve got valuable content make sure that it’s reaching the right people! Make sure your content has the relevant tags and categories assigned to it. With the average attention span having dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds, your users are not going to trawl though reels of inaccessible content to find that one special piece. This also links in nicely to having a well-developed SEO strategy.

Social media is another often overlooked resource for getting that content seen. Build a stable online presence that is relevant and engaging to your demographic. No spamming. Your users will want to share your voice and insights if it strikes a chord with them. And let them share it! Make sure you’ve included not only “share icons” but also a reason to share; a snappy or topical line, or perhaps something to encourage debate or get your audience thinking?

What this really comes down to is tailoring: knowing your target audience, planning for that audience, and finally producing content with them in mind. Keep your content on point and the online experience smooth and exciting.

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