Omnichannel shopping complements high street fashion stores

shopping A recent study commissioned by eBay Inc. found that online purchases complemented high street fashion store sales. The survey was issued to highlight the importance of omnichannel trading for addressing the hugely varied shopping habits of today’s consumers.

For every £100 spent with retailers beyond the store, only £5 pounds would have been spent on the equivalent high street. This suggested that a broad presence across channels can in many scenarios positively influence store sales to the extent that up to €9bn of UK sales may have been enabled by omnichannel opportunities.

As we well know, consumers want the best of both worlds, shopping online across multiple devices and also picking up or browsing in store. So what can publishers draw from this? It is the importance of catering to those needs. If traffic is hopping from one channel to the next, we need to ensure that we offer as many of those paths to purchase as possible. Failing to address this means you are missing out on valuable opportunities that could be hard to recapture. Tying into this is the fact that the market is expanding, rather than an altogether shift from ‘analogue’ (high street) to digital. With this comes the opportunity for affiliates to “piggy-back” on these findings and use them with the secure knowledge that you’ve taken advantage of the most up-to-date industry figures.

The study also showed that retailers who have a presence on eBay experience an increase in store sales by 1.2 percent, once again showing the benefits of partnering with eBay.

For more detailed information please find the press release here.


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