eBay Launches Collections: Follow your passion

eBay Launches Collections Follow your passionWe know how important it is to keep our publishers completely up-to-date with what’s hot on eBay. With this in mind we are glad to announce that on March 6th we are launching eBay Collections. This simple new feature will create a more personalised and engaging shopping experience to more effectively connect consumers with the things they need while allowing publishers to keep track of what’s trending.

eBay Collections is a way for consumers to follow their interests on eBay. Collections consist of items from the eBay Marketplace which are hand-selected by curators, eBay buyers and sellers. They are designed to encourage consumers to connect with a tailored selection of items.

In order to promote these collections, eBay has partnered with some of the UK’s most-loved personalities including Dannii Minogue; presenter, writer and actor Reggie Yates; designer, entrepreneur and author Kelly Hoppen MBE, as well as musician, writer and cheese-maker Alex James. Each has handpicked items from eBay to create their own Collections, showcasing their personality and passions. eBay will support this exciting launch on its social channels and through PR to create a buzz amongst consumers. We’ll be using our social networks, blogs and media outreach to generate additional interest. There will also be a dedicated microsite as a content hub, found here. With this microsite, publishers will be able to learn more about Collections, how to get started, discover and browse collections, and meet the influencers.

The ‘Follow’ feature further enables consumers and publishers to keep up to date with trending curators. It offers new paths to purchase, allowing users to ultimately own the things they want the most and raise awareness of new potential wants and need.

eBay Today is a new destination that includes a personal selection of Collections, chosen by eBay’s editorial team. Publishers will be able to use this portal to keep track of the latest eBay trends from popular curators and tailor their content accordingly. ePN will be provide suggestions, tips and best practice advice over the coming weeks, outlining  how to make the most of this new opportunity and incorporate it into an affiliate strategy.

Publishers on ePN can also create their own collections and direct users to a specifically tailored online experience. As users transition from search mode to discovery, the more compelling a collection is, the higher the chances will be that users will progress down the P2P and raise conversion rates.

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