Bi-Weekly news and views: mobile ad-spend

NEWS-vs-mobile-adv_2690209c In this edition of ePN’s bi-weekly update we discuss the latest trends in mobile behaviour, what they mean for the industry and how to act on them, including mobile ad spend stats, conversion rates and catering for omnichannel.

With UK mobile ad-spend forecast to surpass that of newspapers’, according to eMarketer, the e-marketing economy has quickly recognised the potential that mobile holds. While the £2.26 billion figure may seem noteworthy enough in itself, it is only when we take a closer look and focus on the percentage increase that its true extent takes shape. With a whopping 90% year-on-year rise UK mobile ad-spend is forecast to almost double in size as consumers increasingly turn to their devices as their primary information source.

Yet despite this surge in mobile activity, device conversion rates remain garishly low in comparison to that of their desktop/laptop counterparts. Basket abandonment rates on m-commerce sites were at 84% this January according to eConsultancy.

So what are the key learnings of this? Well, it’s not all doom and gloom for mobile by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Think of mobile access as the initial incentive. It is a significant step on the path to purchase to simply have them access your channel. Provide the right content, the best experience, and it should prove enough a reason to visit you via another channel and continue on their journey.

Tanya Lawler, VP of eBay UK recently spoke on the importance of making sure retail is seamless. Each and every individual aspect of retail, be it online or offline, must be flawlessly integrated as consumers now expect a fully omnichannel experience, bar nothing. The challenge for affiliates then is to make sure you provide a smooth component for this well-oiled machine.

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