Selfie trend sparks soar in sales


We at ePN are always focused on making sure our partners have their finger on the pulse of the latest new trends. The now ubiquitous Selfie – so popular amongst celebrities and the wider population  over truly reached its zenith when Ellen DeGeneres and a star-spangled cast snapped their famous Oscars photo earlier this year and received a record 779,295 retweets in approximately half an hour. As a result, we now seeing even more selfies than ever from celebrities, friends and family filling our Facebook feeds and popping up on Twitter.

On eBay, where four smartphones are sold every minute, the result of this new craze is that sales of essential selfie equipment have soared over the past month – the selfie cable is a good example of this, with sales in the UK of this photo-perfecting item doubling in the last month. And it may well be, in this rush to replicate some of the classic celebrity selfie poses, some of the best selfies may not be as spontaneous as the term suggests – sales of image editing software on eBay increased more than two-fold in the week following the Oscars.

The selfie revolution has even spawned a host of new phrases, like the slightly cheekier ‘belfie’, in the style of Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole. As a result of these A-listers snapping themselves from a new direction, we have seen a 180% rise in the sale of full length mirrors in the UK as celeb wannabe’s perfect their own belfies at home.

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