Bumping up sales in maternity dresses

Bumping up sales in maternity dressesPregnant A-listers including Erin O’Connor and Drew Barrymore have inspired a huge increase in sales of the latest maternity fashion item – the LBD4B (The long black dress ‘4’ bump). The latest generation of the iconic Little Black Dress (LBD) has become the nation’s number one maternity style for mums-to-be, with sales of black maternity dresses soaring 163% on eBay over the last three months. eBay spokesperson,  Laura Wilkinson-Rea says, “Feeling and looking good is just as important as ever for mums-to-be. There are over 750 long black maternity dresses alone on eBay.co.uk and with sellers including Debenhams and Mammas & Papas, eBay is a one-stop-fashion-shop for both mum and bump.”

Kim Kardashian continues to lead the charge in the trend-setter stakes. Having been a key celebrity driving force behind the high sales of ‘seflie’ and ‘belfie’ equipment, she and Kate Winslet have also prompted a rise in sales of red maternity dresses, currently at number two spot in the maternity fashion charts, with sales rising 120% since January.

Celebrity fashion choices have a massive impact on consumer behaviour, so stay tuned for more insights here. Any questions about how to capitalise on these trends? Get in touch with the team!

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