Bi-weekly news and views: Clicks and Conversions

Bi-weekly-news-and-viewsIn this edition of the ePN’s bi-weekly news and views we look at the latest click through rate (CTR) and conversion statistics for the UK, commenting on how these can vary on almost a daily basis and also by region. With the rapid expansion of mobile ad investment it comes as no surprise that UK CTR currently sits at 2.3%, 15% higher than the EMEA average of 2.0% according to Econsultancy. While this is great news for UK programme, don’t be too quick to write off the continent. There are fantastic opportunities to expand into the EU market, especially in Germany where CTR has reached a whopping 2.8%!

However, the click-through is only one (albeit crucial) step of the way toward the final conversion. A recent study from big data company, Quibit, has found that despite having generally higher spending habits, residents of the UK capital are far less likely to make the final conversion. With rates sitting at 2.07%, notably lower than the 2.32% average for the rest of the UK, London e-traffic is not only less likely to convert, but is also less likely to go via “search” means (27% vs. 30% respectively); not the best news for London affiliates.

So what can affiliates do to combat our less liberal Londoners? The IAB recently have disclosed their specifications and style guide for their Rising Star ad format that, according to PointRoll, have seen 70% higher click through rates than standard placements. Key take outs include dimensions, video load sizes and methods, CPU usage limits and more. While we’re not saying to use their guide like for like, they touch on some key and often overlooked features of successful ad-placement.

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