News and Views: #OnTheBall

Bi-weekly-news-and-views In this edition of eBay Partner Network’s News and Views we kick off by looking at the huge opportunities the 2014 WC has to offer, tackling topics such as digital viewership, second screening and social media usage.

With a global audience of 3.2 billion, this year’s WC, hosted in Brazil, is a marketer’s dream. The event will have such a profound impact on the local economy that the Centre for Economics and Business research (CEBR) estimated that almost £38 BILLION worth of potential business could be made from the event.

So how can affiliates make the most of this remarkable opportunity? With nearly two thirds (63%) of viewers intending to watch highlights on a computer, according to advertising company Comigo, the digital opportunities are enormous. Combine this with the 58% of UK football fans using smartphones and 25% on a tablet, and your multi-channel campaign is ready to provide optimal results. With almost every vertical set to experience a shift in demand, be it BBQs to car accessories, make sure you’re seizing every opportunity.

Social media will play a vital part in ecommerce this WC. With an estimated 50 million football fans on Twitter alone, social platforms offer you a unique opportunity to tap in to a much larger audience pool due to consumers’ fragmented consumption habits. Get up to speed with the top trending Hashtags and keep your content as fresh as possible. While committing to round the clock real-time marketing is unrealistic, bear in mind the reactive nature of its environment. Fans share their opinion, they update on Twitter and Facebook, they second screen – try and tap into their behaviour as much as possible.

Enjoy the football – Ole, Ola!

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