DE and UK pricing adjustment - FAQs

DE and UK pricing adjustment - FAQsAs previously announced, we are updating the rate cards for both the UK and German Programs, which will take effect from 1st July 2014. Below, we have included some Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will further clarify the pricing adjustment and answer any queries you may have on this. 1. Why are you updating the rate cards in UK and Germany?

At eBay Partner Network, we are constantly looking at the changing market landscape and aligning our approach with its dynamic needs, incorporating feedback from our publishers. This allows us to continue to support you by enabling you to optimize your earnings through better performance. The new rate card adjustments support this strategy.

2. Are you planning to update rate cards in other Programs?

ePN believes strongly in the importance of a region-specific approach that helps our publishers tailor to their local markets. The need for a rate card adjustment has only been identified in the UK and DE regions at this time.

3. What does this mean for the future of pen’s affiliate program, and will the category rates change over time?

As you may know, we implemented new pricing changes in October 2013, and since then the ePN team has continued to listen to your feedback, and worked to understand how we can best support your business growth. At the same time, we have kept you up to date with the latest tips and best practice guidelines to help optimize your earnings. The rate card adjustments in these regions will help us strengthen the UK and DE Programmes. We will continue to monitor our channels closely to ensure our rate card conditions support our publishers’ businesses.

4. How is this change different from the previous pricing model? What are the new components of eBay Partner Network pricing?

In October 2013, eBay Partner Network modified its pricing model, introducing Programme-specific rate cards and the new or reactivated buyer bonus. We also changed the length of our referral period.

In terms of these rate card changes, only the rate cards for UK and DE are being updated from 1st July 2014, as per the details listed in question five (How will this affect my earnings?).

5. How this will affect my earnings?

Overall, the pricing rates will vary by publisher and country. Beginning on 1st July 2014 for the UK Program, we will move to a 75% revenue share for all verticals. In addition, for every new or reactivated buyer sent to eBay, you will receive a bonus of 100% of your earnings.

New UK rate card:

UK Pricing

Beginning on 1st July 2014 for the German Programme, the commission will increase for most verticals, as detailed below. In addition, for every new or reactivated buyer sent to eBay, you will receive a bonus of 100% of your earnings.

New German rate card:

DE Pricing

6. Will the pricing adjustment affect all publishers?

As stated above, we are only updating the rate card for UK and DE Programmes. The adjustments to the rate cards in these regions will affect all publishers that are active in these countries. Specific details can be found in the UK and DE rate cards.

7. Which Networks or Advertisers are affected by the pricing adjustment (e.g., eBay Commerce Network,, StubHub)?

The pricing adjustment applies to eBay UK and DE Programmes only. This excludes, Stub Hub, eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network and eBay Commerce Network.

8. Where can I get more information about the changes?

The latest information will be included on this blog, so keep updated here!

9. Where do I find my earnings information?

You can find your earnings in the ePN portal on the Dashboard and Reports tabs,and transaction-level earnings in the Transaction Download Report.

10. Are cookies still based on a 24 hour referral period?

For a “Buy It Now” item, you will be compensated if a user makes a purchase within 24 hours. For “Bid” items where a bid (not necessarily the Winning Bid) is placed within 24 hours of the initial click, you are credited for winning auctions for 10 days, which is the maximum length that an auction can last.

11. Did you update the revenue share per meta category accordingly to this price adjustment?

Yes, you can find the revshare per the main meta categories for the different programmes by clicking here.