Publisher Stories:

publisher stories offersFrom time to time, we like to take a deeper look into what our publishers are up to, going behind the scenes to share how they’re working with eBay Partner Network to build their businesses.  We recently sat down with Howard Schaffer, Vice President of Partner Development for, a coupon and deals website. launched in 2009 to serve consumers who were looking for ways to save time and money while shopping online. In the site’s quest to access a wider selection of product deals, they began working with ePN over a year ago. Howard says the team likes working with ePN because of the variety of products and brands available, in addition to the technologies available to access deals.

Howard also talks a bit about the goals has for the rest of 2014, which include growing to be a top deals site, working closely with ePN to source quality deals, and improved seasonal and holiday planning – anything they can do to give consumers timely access to the best deals online. They’re also focusing on mobile, going after consumers who browse and buy from their phones.

As far as tips for new publishers, Howard’s advice is just to jump in and get started. From there, publishers can explore all the different ways to find deals on eBay, which include ePN communications such as emails and blog posts to tools such as product feeds and the API.

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We'd like to thank Howard and his team at for letting us peak behind the curtain of their day-to-day business.