News and Views: Put your best foot forward for the next half of 2014

News and Views Put your best foot forward for next half of 2014As the first half of 2014 comes to a close, businesses are taking a pause to assess the successes of the past six months and plan for the rest of the year. In this edition of eBay Partner Network’s News and Views we share a selection of interesting and valuable insights that may help to make your next six months even more exciting and rewarding. Be careful of “out with the old, in with the new”

With a number of snazzy new tools and platforms on which to target consumers emerging, email marketing is often left on the backburner and considered “over the hill”. However, according to a PerformanceIN, it remains a method with one of the most effective ROI’s in the industry. Two-thirds of companies rated email marketing as either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ when it comes to ROI and the continued boom in m-commerce has further rejuvenated this tactic. Keep in mind that while new methods can be an exciting and often a valuable way to target your potential customers, it’s important to lay the foundations with tried and tested communications platforms too.

Brush up your mobile strategy

Speaking of m-commerce, mobile continues to be a hot topic for marketers.  M&M Global recently explored the huge opportunities mobile presents for business, presenting mobile as a successful marketing tool that shortens the distance between what the user wants and what the brand provides. For marketers, the priority is not only to create engaging experiences but also to make it easier for consumers to get to what they desire, and mobile is the key platform through which to provide that convenience. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog, where more advice for achieving mobile success will be posted soon!

Don’t wait to innovate

Do you ever wonder what a successful business looks like? According to, innovation is a primary factor in business success because of the impact that new ideas, devices, or methods can have on a business. It can be a risk, but failure to innovate, regardless of your industry, company size, or goals, can lead to the competition is passing you by. Fostering a culture of innovation can create fantastic opportunities for a business of all sizes, so make it a priority!

A combination of innovation, a solid mobile strategy and a strategic approach to which platforms you are utilising, both new and existing, will help to make the rest of 2014 a highly rewarding one.

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