News and Views: Mobile Marketing

News and Views Mobile Marketing In this edition of ePN’s News and Views we take a look at highlights from the latest IAB / PwC Digital Ad spend Study on mobile and tablets; how a lack of in-house knowledge is preventing mobile marketing success, and highlight our very own Gianfranco Ludovici’s tips and best practice guide to going mobile.

According to the IAB, 2013 mobile ad spend doubled to break the £1 billion mark, accounting for £1 in £6 of digital ad spend! Interestingly, overblog mobile one third (36%) of people in the UK are now accessing the internet are now doing so via tablets, with tablet ownership growing 63% year-on-year from 11.0 million to 17.9 million in February 2014. (Tablets do in fact also have a superior conversion rate to mobile!) Retail site penetration via EU-5 smartphone continues to echo this upward trend, reporting year-on-year growth of 42% according to eMarketer.

However, a lack of in-house knowledge is reportedly the number one hurdle for mobile marketing success, reports M&M Global. Many marketers are turning to outside sources for their mobile marketing, however affiliates without the resources to do this need to ensure they are catering for even the basic mobile requirements.

That is why our Senior Manager of Online Partnerships, Gianfranco Ludovici has written his article “Mobile optimization to improve your affiliate performance”. In this, Gianfranco outlines some basic first steps toward mobile optimising your website, touching on formatting, responsive design, ad placement, code trimming and more. Have a read and as always we welcome your feedback and comments.

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