UK, DE & US Hot Categories: October

UK, DE & US Hot Categories: OctoberWelcome to the October edition of the eBay Partner Network’s Hot Categories forecast. In this post we outline our October predictions for the UK, DE and US regions. With this we aim to help you drive optimal levels of traffic by capitalising on trending categories. What’s Hot?

Use the below graphic to see What’s Hot this October:

UK Program

Suggestions: “Home& Garden” remains a Hot Category this October with a range of sub-categories and items spiking throughout the month. Replacement Parts & Tools for electronics also offer a steady level of demand, with an extensive range of accompanying categories showing intermittent peaks.

DE Program

Suggestions: Summer is drawing to an end and this can also be seen in the sales figures. According to our last year’s analysis, the preparations for the upcoming winter and ski sports season start in October since Ski sports & Snowboarding within the Lifestyle category spikes for almost the entire month. Furthermore, Home & Garden still booms with Feste & Besondere Anlässe, Installation and Kamine & Kaminzubehör being very popular. Within the Collectibles category, LEGO and Playmobil toys will be in great demand so it may be worth promoting these sub-categories in October.

US Program

 Suggestions: October forecasts include consistently high levels of demand across multiple categories such as “Home & Garden”, “Fashion”, “lifestyle” or “Collectibles” – each of which offer selections that spike for the duration of the month.  Publishers should, where possible, focus on these categories as “Electronics” and “Business & Industrial” offer little activity in comparison.

Remember: If you are intending to publish content based on individual weeks, keep the timing in mind. Make the most of these predictions by keeping on top of what’s hot and what’s not; trade out less active categories for other, more popular ones.

Make sure you check back again next month for the latest forecasts!

How do we define a ‘Hot Category’?

Aside from showing a significant spike versus the rest of our marketplace, each category selected must be large enough to be considered relevant. Categories such as Fashion/Women’s Clothing or Electronics/Mobile& Smartphones, which show relatively little fluctuation, have been excluded from our selection.

So how does it work?

Each month we post the categories we expect to spike on our blog. Using previous data trends* as the forecast model we are able keep you in-the-know with an easy, accessible visual aid. You’ll be able to anticipate what content to publish, which ads and offers to promote.

Just read our blog on a regular basis and then adjust your performance strategy to align with the forecast. It’s as simple as that! Multiple spiking categories can be found here.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*All data has been aggregated at weekly level for every level 2 category across the following time frames:

  • UK program – Transaction data on UK site from 2013-01-01 to 2013-12-31
  • DE program – Transaction data on DE site from 2013-03-31 to 2014-04-11
  • US program – Transaction data on US site from 2013-03-31 to 2014-04-11

As always we welcome your feedback and comments.

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