Link Generator Tool – Make your eBay integration trackable

link generator tool make your eBay integration trackableThe link generator is probably the most user-friendly and versatile tool available on ePN. In addition to allowing you to create Text Links, you can also use it to make trackable anything on your site (content, images, video), and send traffic to any eBay landing page. How to use the link generator?

Let’s take a look at creating a tracking code. The screenshot below provides an example of what fields to complete for the UK Programme using the Custom URL option.  After inputting your desired destination URL in the Custom URL field, selecting your Campaign, and making sure to leave the Link Text field empty, click the “Generate Link” button, and your tracking code is generated under “Get Your Link.” You have the choice between Javascript and HTML for the Code Type.  Select for example the HTML option and copy the code within the Code box.

link article

To make an image already hosted on your site link to eBay and have traffic tracked to your affiliate account, you simply ‘embed’ the image with the HTML affiliate tracking code you copied. You can also embed content or video on your site with HTML affiliate tracking code to create trackable links.

For an overview of all the fields available to populate when using the Link Generator tool please consult our Help documentation available.

 Which information is included in the link structure?

We thought it might be helpful to break down line by line and show you what’s included in the link structure.

As you know, there are various ways you can customize a link. One way is to specify an itemID and have the link pointing to a specific listing. Using this example, if you go into Link Generator, specify Item ID #130300099902, toggle geo-target to “No” with the UK as the selected programme, and specify link text “Navigation System”, you get the following link:

  • href=” Base URL, same as before, all numbers are generic ID numbers while the “711-53200-19255-0” is a RotationID that changes for each program and helps assign the click to the right programme, you can find here a complete list of available rotation IDs
  • ?icep_ff3=2 Link type indicating whether this is a home page link, item id link, etc,
  • &pub=5574628273 Your publisher ID
  • &toolid=10001 Refers to the tool used (10001 is Link Generator)
  • &campid= The ID of your campaign
  • &customid= The related customID (optional)
  • &icep_item= The item ID
  • &ipn=psmain Parameter for future landing page optimization (always same)
  • &icep_vectorid=229466 Parameter for future landing page optimisation (different by country/programme)
  • &kwid=902099 Parameter for future landing page optimisation (always same)
  • &mtid=824 Parameter for future landing page optimisation (always same)
  • &kw=lg Parameter for future landing page optimisation, do not edit, always same)
  • [CACHEBUSTER]” The impression pixel

Please note that there are multiple types of Link Generator (Home page, search results, item ID, store, custom URL etc.). While we can’t explain every link in detail here, you will find a lot of the parameters above common across most links. We recommend generating the base link from the Link Generator to see how the structure slightly changes for other links.

We’re eager to answer any questions you may have about the link generator tool. Please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below.