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october blogIn this edition of ePN’s News and Views, we explore the important role high quality content plays in engaging today’s consumer. In an age where people are increasingly on the move, using multiple devices and constantly connected, they are inundated with higher volumes of marketing and advertising content than ever before. As a result, bite-sized, high quality and visually impactful content has never been more essential to grab, and keep, the attention of the busy consumer. And as affiliate marketers, it’s key that we all constantly create great content that truly speaks to our target audience. As content marketing budgets continue to rise in the industry, more and more marketers are becoming content creators. And PerformanceIN recently featured some excellent top tips for creating written content that engages audience and raise brand awareness in a piece titled ‘How to Harness Content Marketing.’ Our pick of the best of these tips include:

  • Strong and specific weekly or bi-monthly email newsletters remain one of the most important ways to keep your customers updated and engaged. It should not simply be a place to tout your latest product or promote a sale or discount. This content should focus on the readers’ interest areas, establishing the unique voice and perspective on the overall brand rather than being heavily sales-led
  • Consider participating in online industry forums where you can establish yourself as a problem-solver and thought leader. Create tutorials, how-to style articles, or Q&A whitepapers, and offer these resources for free. These resources establish your brand as an authority in the field and provide content that is useful and highly shareable, which will go a long way towards increasing your brand awareness.

Earlier this month, in an interview during Advertising Week New York featured in The Drum, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer advised that brands advertising on Yahoo’s “high quality” content across its various products can expect a 30 per cent uplift in consumer perception against what was generally deemed poorer quality content. Mayer explained that the metrics used to determine high-versus-low included  picture quality and grammar, as well as a number of other factors – so clearly, quality content can play a huge role in your success.

At ePN, we have long recognised the importance of creative, visual and tailored content for engaging consumers, most recently launching the eBay Fashion Collective, also featured on our blog this month. This brand new dedicated shopping destination functions as the online fashion magazine of eBay and the first port of call for all customers looking to browse and be inspired. To complement its launch, we worked in conjunction with The British Fashion Council at London Fashion Week, featuring an online shop, curated by the BFC, which featured exciting and unique pieces from up and coming designers for the duration of London Fashion Week. The high quality visuals and huge range of brands featured will serve to inspire and encourage fashion buyers on the path to purchase.

It’s clear that content creation and delivery is changing rapidly, and consumers’ expectations are higher than ever – so, remember to tailor your messaging, provide inspirational visuals, and focus on quality, in order to engage your audience. For more advice, get in touch with the ePN team!

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