Your Home Your Way


Millions of people experience having to move each year – whether it’s deciding to create a home with a significant other, relocating due to a job or adding a new addition to the family. For some moving is a fun and exciting time and for others, it’s the ultimate hassle. Either way, eBay serves as a one-stop shop to support customers in their home move journey. Direct your visitors to check out the Home Move Hub where they’ll several resources such as those below to assist in the course of the home move.

To make it easy for you to inspire your visitors to enjoy the home move process and furnish their new space with love, we are providing you with a variety of creatives that can be found here.

We encourage you to start utilizing these assets to direct your visitors to to check out eBay’s Home Move Hub where they’ll find home goods and useful, practical tips designed to provide inspiration throughout the home move journey.

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