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Transaction Download Report

Hand drawing a game strategyWith this blog post we want to pick up the entry posted on 25th of October regarding the Transaction Download Report (TDR) and give you some additional tips to analyse your statistics. This blog post will show you how to analyse various elements of the transaction report including the use of the unique transaction-IDs and how to set up automatic downloads with the help of the API. With the Transaction Download Report, eBay Partner Network provides you with a large report to analyse your generated transactions. You can download the report under: Reports > Download Reports (

Make sure you select the option “download all events”


Please add 30 days after the date range you want to analyse that possible adaptations at the transactions can be passed to account.  When selecting the date range of your report, please consider the possible limits of the date range and you may have to split your reports in multiple time segments.

Data-matching and analysis


  • Choose the event date
  • Choose the event-type Winning Bid Revenue (WBR). This will show you all the events which generated sales, returns and commission adjustment
  • With the help of the campaign ID you can choose the campaign/s you wish to optimise
  • With the help of the category-list you can split the traffic by category
  • Further options to split the traffic
  •  User-frequency (1 represents the new or reactivated buyer)o   Traffic-type (to see if the traffic comes from a desktop or a mobile device)o   Keyword-search (i. E. iPhone)

Furthermore the transaction download report gives you the opportunity to track the custom-ID – if you are using it in your tracking link – and optimise with the help of this information.

Unique Transaction-ID

The unique transaction-ID helps you to keep a better overview by accumulating possible adjustments of the earnings (i.e. changes of the seller-fees, return or unpaid items)

For Example, if a transaction occurs on the 1st of February it will appear with a deviant posting date and an ID in your transaction report. If in any case there is an adjustment a few days later, a new entry is posted with the specific unique ID allowing you to easily accumulate the amounts. Data Matching:  Dashboard vs TDR

When comparing earnings and WBR from your dashboard to the TDR, you need to adjust the timing view as noted in the grid below for the amounts to properly match:

TD one pager


You can download all reports with the help of the API automatically but this function is mainly used for the transaction report. More information about how to set up the download-API (Can be found here) Respectively you can change the data in the following call:

Text Format: =Password&advIdProgIdCombo=&tx_fmt=1&submit_tx=Download

Text Formatted File w/ Headers: =Password&advIdProgIdCombo=&tx_fmt=3&submit_tx=Download

Excel Format: =Password&advIdProgIdCombo=&tx_fmt=2&submit_tx=Download

Advanced Filtering: eBay All: =Password&advIdProgIdCombo=1|&tx_fmt=2&submit_tx=Download =Password&advIdProgIdCombo=2|17&tx_fmt=2&submit_tx=Download

The eBay (product-) API (Application for the eBay developer program necessary, see API-documentation) offers you the opportunity to set up an API-call for each transaction. Using the API can help extract more information that normally is not included in the transaction download report. I. E. you can read out shipping costs or details from the article description.