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Wrap Up and Dress Up This Winter

Warm up and Dress up this winterWrap Up and Dress Up This Winter As the winter chill creeps in the time to wrap up and dress up is upon us. eBay has launched its Halloween campaign offering consumers access to a whole array of collections including  costume picks, fancy dress finders, accessories & makeup, trick or treat, devilish decorations and more! Publishers should take advantage of the wide selection of collections available and tailor their content accordingly.


But October isn’t all about dressing up – it’s also about wrapping up warm. The winter season is here and people are starting to feel the chill. Wardrobes are being restocked with this year’s latest woollies and outerwear, hardy boots and weatherproof jackets are replacing the summer’s tees and flip-flops.  eBay has launched its Winter Fashion campaign with the latest apparel designs to “buy it now” and various deals available to take advantage of.*

*Please note sellers and products will vary and are subject to availability.

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