Sparking new ideas on the eBay UK Electronics pages

electronics revampElectronics have undoubtedly evolved to become a core part of a consumer’s life. With the digital revolution in full force, people are increasingly savvy and selective when it comes to purchasing electronic goods, and expect a great deal of information and inspiration before making their purchasing decisions. To continue to support our partners and help you to boost your earnings, eBay UK has now revamped its Electronics category pages to give customers a more inspiring and informative experience. The aim of the new design is to keep people engaged on the eBay site for longer rather than leaving to check reviews and or expert opinion on other sites. These new electronics category pages will hold their customer and industry expert reviews (such as from The Gadget Show TV presenter Suzi Perry), tech news from publications such as T3, user guides, video content, deals and promotions, plus much more.

The revamp also includes the launch of a new onsite magazine ‘Think Electronics, think eBay’ which includes content to help encourage customers to always think of eBay when they need electronics. This is the first in a series of vertical magazines created for the eBay site – stay tuned for news on other vertical focused magazines!

As Peter Willis, Category Manager, Electronics, eBay UK, explains: ‘Gone are the days when you can just compete on price and specifications. Electronics are no longer a ‘nice to have’ they form a core part of our daily lives for many. Because of this, consumers need to know about more than just the pixel or screen size – they want to see how it works and how it will make their lives easier and better.

‘In short we have created content that really shows off the electronics we have to offer .in the best possible light.  This is what our customers are telling us they want to see and what we have now delivered.’

Customers will also find details of free shipping, click and collect services and retail standards information on returns, trust and fulfilment – alongside this new content. Peter continues, ‘Showing details of our commerce standards alongside our products means we can encourage higher ticket purchases which historically has been a challenge for us. Other retailers, like John Lewis for example, have five-year warranties that have helped them to build up a level of trust. This is an area where we must compete and the category pages will enable us to promote these sorts of messages.’

Similar to the recent re-launch of the Baby category, the new electronics pages also feature five of our top electronics sellers in the UK at the top of the main page with the logos displayed – they include CurrysPC World, Dabs and Argos. This update is another step on eBay UK’s journey to raise its retail standards. Watch this space for more of the same from eBay.co.uk.

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