Browser extension policy


In an effort to improve the customer experience, the eBay Partner Network will be making some changes to our browser extention policies. The changes go into effect April 3, 2023.



We are making updates to the following areas:


Business models
We are expanding the types of business models we allow to partner with browser extensions and moving to an application-based system. All business model types will be allowed to integrate browser extensions as long as their application is approved and the guidelines are followed. 


On-site user experience

  • Browser extensions can only trigger flyouts on eBay pages when the referring traffic comes from one of the following sources:
    • Extension publisher site (i.e., XYZ flyout can only be triggered when user lands on from
    • Organic search
    • Direct navigation
  • Flyouts cannot be triggered more than twice in the shopping journey. There are no restrictions on the types of pages that can have flyouts.
  • Notwithstanding the above, category and item specific flyouts are allowed to be triggered more than once at the item level within a specific category selected by an end user so long as an eligible item is being viewed. 
  • If the referring traffic comes from another channel or publisher, the icon next to the address bar can flash or show a notification bubble, giving users the option to engage with the extension.
  • In all of the above scenarios, the publisher must provide a link for the user to provide an affirmative click. Once the user has clicked, the original cookie will be dropped. 


Search engine user experience
Search engine overlays are allowed, except on searches for eBay, eBay+, or any misspellings or variations of the brand name. The trademark bidding policy applies to overlays.


Identifying referring traffic from approved sources


Extension publisher site
The first HTTP(S) GET request to *.ebay.[tld] in a sequence, originating from a source on which you promote eBay ads (i.e. originUrl/initiator = your web property) contains the following name-value pairs (query parameters):



Organic search
The originUrl/initiator of the first HTTP(S) GET request to *.ebay.[tld] in a sequence is either[tld] or[tld].


Direct navigation
The first HTTP(S) GET request to *.ebay.[tld] in a sequence DOES NOT contain ANY of following query parameters:

    • mkevt
    • mkcid
    • campid


The moment an HTTP(S) GET request to *.ebay.[tld] originates from another source than mentioned above within the same session (this includes other publishers sites), your browser extension is obliged to stand down again.