PLA / Paid Traffic

EPN requires written approval for this promotional method.


We are excited to be working with you. Promoting eBay through PLA / Paid Traffic Sources requires approval (as described in our Network Agreement).  We need you to provide answers to the following questions:


*All fields are required

For Paid Traffic Sources: You may not purchase any keywords or search terms that (a) incorporate in part or in full any of eBay’s trademarks (including without limitation eBay and Half), trade names, company names, brands, shop signs, domain names or URLs (including the translations and transliterations), or any variations thereof.

You may not redirect end users from Advertiser sites and services to an Affiliate’s website where the end user could click a Link back to the Advertiser site or service. 



Please note: if you buy traffic to your sites through sponsored links, you must ensure that all campaigns add these domains to their list of excluded sites, and add “eBay” as a negative keyword.