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Smart Share Expert Tips

Create Campaigns to Monitor Your Effectiveness

When trying something new like Smart Share, you may want to have an easy way to compare how this new thing you’re trying compares with the way you were doing things before.

Smart Share gives you the ability to choose your campaign whenever you’re creating a link with it through a friendly drop-down menu.

What is a Campaign and a Campaign ID?

Creating campaigns allows you to separate and manage traffic in greater detail. You can name campaigns and add descriptions to help identify them. Some partners have different campaigns for different eBay product categories, some use it to track performance on different parts of their site, and so on.

A campaign ID is a unique 10-digit number for each campaign in your account. Every EPN link must contain a campaign ID.  When you create a campaign, our system creates this automatically.

How do I create a Campaign?

You have two options:

  1. Create Campaigns one at a time
    • Go to the “Campaigns” menu and select “Create Campaign” or directly to New Campaign (requires EPN log-in)
    •  Enter in a name and description of the campaign
  2. Create Campaigns in bulk
    • Go to the “Campaigns” menu and select “Create Campaigns in Bulk” or go directly to Bulk Campaigns (requires EPN log-in)
    • Follow the instructions to upload a file with multiple campaigns (up to 500 at a time)

You can view your active Campaigns by clicking on the “Campaigns” menu at the top of the page or going to Active Campaigns (requires EPN log-in). You can view your deactivated Campaigns (if you have any) by clicking on “View Deactivated” when on the Campaigns page, or by going to Deactivated Campaigns (requires EPN log-in).

Why should I create Campaigns? Do I need to use them?

All EPN links must contain a Campaign ID.

A Default Campaign ID is created when you create your account. If you don’t want to use any other Campaigns, you can use this Default Campaign ID in all of your links.

Many partners find Campaigns to be a useful way to organize their account. What you want to organize depends on your preferences – it is completely up to you. For example, some partners organize Campaigns by product categories (e.g. one campaign for auto parts, another for electronics, etc.). Other partners have different Campaigns for different places they use EPN links (e.g. one Campaign for Facebook, another for Pinterest)

If you do use multiple Campaigns, you can run your Reports by Campaign so you can look at how each Campaign performs, and compare Campaigns to each other. You will also see results by Campaign in the Transaction Download Report.

What Suggestions Do You Have for Campaigns?

Here’s a quick set-up to get you started:

You already have a default campaign. Keep using it as you have been.

Create a new Campaign titled: “Pinterest Smart Share” and a second one titled “Facebook Smart Share.” When you use the new Chrome extension, select the appropriate one of these as you share out items on your social media sites.  You’ll easily be able to see how well the new tool is performing for you in your reports.

Later, as you try new things, create a new campaign to help you track your success.  Popular campaigns emphasize different social media platforms, different websites, or even seasonal / holiday efforts.

Editing the downloaded file

We don’t recommend this for most folks--only the true expert should alter the file. The most useful things to do with the file:

  1. Change the order. The default sort order is by the date the campaign was created. This is how the entries appear in the drop-down list. If you want the drop-down list to be different, change the order.
  2. Delete Campaigns you don’t plan to use. The Campaigns remain in your account, active and available to you, but they won’t clutter up your drop-down.

Done? Re-save it as a TXT file.

Remember: Editing this file does NOT change anything in your EPN account.